• Accommodations at the Kingbridge Centre will be booked for all registered conference attendees automatically upon submission of registration.

Travel Visas

  • Please ensure you have all necessary travel documentation (check your official government website)
  • Note: an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is a newer entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals flying to Canada. Only travellers from countries who do not require a visa to visit Canada are required to get an eTA. For more information and how to apply, visit the Government of Canada website.


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  • Important: Proof of attendance-fare eligibility

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Childhood Arthritis & Beyond 2024 Expense & Reimbursement Policy

March 15, 2024

As we are bound to the rules of our lead site policies regarding travel, we will follow the Hospital for Sick Children’s Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy and Procedures for tracking and reimbursing for eligible travel expenses. All eligible expenses will be paid by cheque.

Please note that the conference organizers are only providing re-imbursement as per the terms in the invite letter received by the attendee.

If you wish to clarify with us, please email us at

  1. Expense Policy
    1. Travel Agencies
      Since there are significant service fee costs associated with using travel agencies, claimants are encouraged to minimize their use.
    2. Air Travel
      Subject to the specific exceptions set out below, the general rule is that all travel will be in economy class and individuals shall adhere to the principles of this Policy when making their travel arrangements.
      A claimant who wishes to upgrade from economy class may do so at their personal expense. In such situations, the claimant must provide a quote with the amount of the economy class transportation, and that amount will be reimbursed. If there is a personal stop-over during the trip, the claimant must provide a quote with the costs without the stop-over. If the cost without the stop-over is less than with the stop-over, the claimant must reimburse SickKids the difference. If the cost with the stop-over is less than or equal to without the stop-over, it will be a fully allowable expense.
      Please not that for all air travel re-imbursement, original air travel ticket receipts AND BOARDING PASS for air travel (or print-out of electronic boarding pass/confirmation email if checking in online).
    3. Airport Shuttle or Taxi Service
      Taxi fares related to Hospital business are an allowable expense. Airport shuttle services, rather than taxi, should be used whenever possible and convenient to and from airports. Sharing taxis or airport limousines may be feasible when multiple business travelers are going to, or coming from, the same location.
    4. Rail Travel
      Coach class is the standard. Business class is acceptable when there is an appropriate reason (e.g. access to the internet, to reduce costs on accommodation, for health and safety reasons).
    5. Personal Vehicle
      A claimant who uses a personal vehicle for official hospital business trips will be reimbursed at the established rate of $0.61/km
  2. Expense Reimbursement Administration
    1. Submission Deadlines
      Expenses must be submitted to for reimbursement prior to month-end, or in situations where it is not feasible (if the expense is incurred at the end of the month), within 45 days of when the expense was incurred.
    2. Personal Expenses
      Personal expenses include costs which are not a necessary consequence of travel or other business on behalf of the Hospital and will not be reimbursed. These include service charges related to late payment of credit card charges, parking/traffic fines, entertainment-related activities not associated with hospital duties (in room movies, etc.).
      When arranging personal travel in conjunction with business travel, claimants are required to use their personal credit cards. Whenever possible, costs of personal travel should be billed separately. In cases where separate bills are not possible, they must be clearly shown as reductions on the expense report.
    3. Maintenance of Supporting Documents
      Claimants must maintain original receipts for a period of 6 months. The Hospital receives thousands of receipts every year in processing travel and expense claims. In an effort to reduce paper and improve the management of records, the Hospital has decided to store electronic images of receipts, instead of original paper receipts. The process of scanning and maintaining electronic images of receipts must comply with the requirements described in sections 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4, and must be consistently integrated into the Hospital’s day-to-day business to ensure that images will be admissible in court and acceptable in an audit. Accountability for this scanning process will rest with the Chief Financial Officer.
      Scanned documents will be maintained for a period of 7 years, except for external funding agreements whereby scanned documents will be maintained for a period of the life of the funding agreement plus 5 years. It is the responsibility of both the approver and the claimant to work out appropriate arrangements which would meet these requirements.
    4. Reimbursement
      Claimants will be reimbursed by cheque in Canadian dollars at our institutional exchange rate.
    5. Claimant Expense Reimbursements
      Claimant submitting a Travel and Expense Reimbursement claim for overnight travel related expenses shall submit appropriate supporting documentation with required approvals. This expense submission should include:

      • Purpose of trip;
      • Dates and destinations (person or organization visited);
      • A listing of all expenses payable by the Hospital associated with the trip paid for by the claimant. Personal expenses borne by the claimant and in respect of which the claimant is not seeking to be reimbursed need not be listed
        • Details of daily claims for expenditures relating to those visits;
        • Details of any vehicle used; and
        • Original air travel ticket receipts and boarding pass for air travel (or print-out of electronic boarding pass/confirmation email if checking in online).

      Provide original itemized receipts or supporting evidence of the expense that is sufficient for the approver to consider the appropriateness of the expense claim when an original receipt cannot be provided. Credit card slips are not sufficient documentation of the expense. Supporting evidence of the expenditure may include a summary log of itemized expenses for circumstances where receipts are not available.
      Receipts are not required for mileage, parking meters, and gratuities paid in cash. For mileage it is recommended that a printout of the route showing the distance travelled be provided.